NAMA Support Services Ltd.

​NAMA is committed to being an efficient organisation, we aim to make your 'on aircraft' work the most cost effective and least disruptive as possible. We can do this through an effective maintenance program, effective planning and for this we use an effective  ​tracking system - we have the knowledge and operational experience to tailor a maintenance programme. We currently use NAMCAM custom built by us as our tracking system making us effective and the end customer overall more efficient.

NAMA obtained their initial CAMO Approval  No. UK.MG.0715 in  June 2017, on our scope we currently have:-

  • Airbus H225/EC225
  • Airbus H215/ AS332 series (C,C1,L,L1 & L2)
  • Sikorsky S92
  • Sikorsky S76

NAMA can also undertake consultancy work in the CAMO field.